Children's Gift Ideas - Give the Gift of Reading

When seeking that perfect gift for a child, try giving the gift of reading. Books can open a world of imagination and amazement to children of all ages. No matter what type of reading a child enjoys, books encourage creativity while also enhancing reading skills at all levels.

When buying for children, some gift ideas to consider are adventure or mystery children books or fairy tales if you need younger kid books. Similar children's products can be added to enhance your gift such as kid activity books, educational toys or computers, art kits, and other children products to enhance creativity. For a child who craves mysteries, there are some mind-boggling books such as Kid Combat to stir their mind and keep them guessing throughout the story. Many books such as these can be found online so you can order children's gifts any time of the year from your own home or office computer.

When to Buy Books as Gifts

Any holiday or occasion is a great time to buy books as children's gifts. Whether it's a birthday, a special celebration such as graduations or awards ceremonies, or a holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or Halloween, books make great gifts for children of all ages and interests. Books are also perfect as stocking stuffers.

Book gifts can be packaged with other presents or food treats, such as holiday cookies and books in a basket, or freshly baked brownies accompanied by a book with a ribbon tied around the package. You might also give a book to a child along with a gift card to his/her favorite bookstore. Your recipient will be able to read your book gift as well as pick out some books of their own. Books are also great when packaged with movies, kids' cook books, stuffed animals, book club enrollments, a library card of their very own, jigsaw puzzles, clothing gifts, or any other children's gifts.

Books as Keepsakes

Another great feature of book gifts is that books are keepsakes that can be passed from one generation to the next. Think back to how many children's books you kept from your childhood to pass to your own. Perhaps you saved a few fairy tale books or your favorite children's mystery books. You probably can recall the joy these books brought to you as a child and want to pass the same joy of reading to your children or even your grandchildren! So when you give the gift of reading to your own child, a student or a niece or nephew, your gift may very well keep on giving for years to come.

You can also create special moments with your son or daughter by reading a chapter or two each night at bedtime. Children up to ages 10 or even 11 or 12 often look forward to bedtime stories. Even as your child grows older, he/she might still want you to read the books meant for older children such as mysteries. It can be exciting to guess the plot together and see who comes up with the correct outcome!

If you're a teacher, you can also give books to students on their birthdays or for the holidays. Books can be for strictly entertainment during break times or they can be used to accompany teacher lesson plans or a teacher activity.

Check out online book stores the next time you need a children's gift. Look for smaller children's books or a great mystery series for older children such as Kid Combat and similar reading. Books can make affordable children's gifts, but no one can put a price on their value!

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