Personalized Children's Books and Their Educational Value

Science has claimed that a child will recognize his name faster then any other word that they are taught at a young age. Therefore, a story book that includes the child's name will be more meaningful to him then any other book he is exposed to. Not only their name but the story or lesson the book contains. If the book includes other personal information of that child such as their age, where they live friends in their lives, it is entrenched in their minds much more. What a wonderful treasured keepsake such a book becomes to the child and will probably be kept as a heirloom throughout their childhood into their adult years.

Personalized children books can include the child's name, their age, where they live and they can take friends on the adventure they encounter in such a book. There are books for super heroes, princesses, adventures on farms with dinosaurs. There are books about counting, ABC's, and sports. Whatever interest your child may have can usually be found.

A child's imagination is pressed into action as well while reading. This process also helps a child's brain begin rationalization on problem solving which keeps developing as the plot of the story unfolds. This is where self-esteem and self-worth can be built within a child.

With modern technology, your child can now become the hero of the story. With all the different themes the fact that an education element is introduced and the child is learning does not seem a chore to the child but a delight as they are caught up in the story on how they rescued a friend or solved a problem.

Personalized children's books make wonderful gifts! Children light up as they read how they are the hero of the story and thus begin a lifelong addiction of reading. These books usually become heirlooms that family members can feel good about buying for a child to help develop that love of reading. Books are gifts that are welcome at any celebration in a child's growing up years; birthdays, holidays, small celebrations throughout childhood. After all, what family member wouldn't like to give a gift that entertains the child in their life but also give the gift of literacy as well?

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