Five Tips To Find Quality Children's Books

When you want to buy childrens books, it's important to take a few things into consideration. You want your child to be able to follow and understand the story you're reading depending on her age. You want them to be excited about reading a children story book. And you want them to have learned something when the story is finished. Here is a guide for how to buy the best fiction childrens books for your little one.

1. Cover: You know the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but sometimes you have to. If the illustrations on the cover of the book are unattractive or basic, and look like not much time was spent on them, that's probably the case for the story too. Choose a book with a quality cover illustration and you won't be disappointed when you read the story.

2. First Lines: When you open a book, read the first page to yourself. This is a good indicator of how the rest of the story reads. If it catches your attention, it is a good children story book. If you don't care about what happens, and wonder if your child will find it boring, you should probably put it down.

3. Plot: If time permits, read more than the first page. Try to gauge the plot of the children story book. You should want to finish the story, no matter the length. When your attention is captured, your child's attention will be captured.

4. Sequels: Usually a good children story book will have a sequel or other stories published by the same author or childrens book publishers. This shows that the author is dedicated to his craft, and the childrens book publishers are serious enough to print more than one story.

5. No Base Humor: Potty humor isn't funny and it isn't educational. If there's going to be humor in your fiction childrens books it should be witty or ironic instead. Kids can tell when something is base. They're much more likely to reread a story with quality jokes and plot twists than one that gets laughs from bodily functions. These books don't have morals or lessons, and that's why they don't stand the test of time.

These five tips should help you when you choose fiction childrens books. Children are smart. They realize things that adults forget after growing up. That means that they can tell quality just as easily as you can. So if you think something is good, chances are they will too. And if you think something is bad, they won't have a doubt about it. After your child reads fiction childrens books she should be affected by it - and with these tips the effects will all be good.

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